Jekyons v1

Stop writing CSS and start building prototypes.

Download Jekyons v1 How To Get Started

Functional CSS

Front-end code is categorically bad and I think you should write less of it. If you're building websites for a living and still writing CSS all the damn time, welcome 2 the future.


Using a potent combination of magic and node.js, BrowserSync automatically refreshes your browser every time you save. You can even test on multiple devices all at once using an external IP.

Actively Maintained

I use Jekyons every day to create prototypes for profit & pleasure. That means any updates I decide to make in an attempt to make my job easier get passed on to you in the form of new features.

Jekyll Partials

With Jekyll's templating engine, you can share partial sections of code across multiple pages. Make your :( static prototype :( feel like a ~*fancy app*~.

Easy Deployment

Ready to share your creation with the world (or your Mom)? Spin up an outside IP using BrowserSync or deploy to Github Pages to share your work with others

Real Data (Coming Soon)

Parse real API data using 18F's jekyll-get plugin and take your prototypes to the next level. Loop over real data just like you would using local data files.

* This very list of features was created by looping over a .yml file and applying styles from Tachyons.css in less than 10 lines of code. Fork the Jekyons repo and check out the _data directory to see how it works.